We are not just a training institute, but a complete career guidance and financial advisory organization. Our commitment of excellent guidance is not only aimed towards students, but also towards parents.

This is how our 5 step guidance program works...


pre enrollment

We meet the student and parents and discuss about What to study (Selection of Course), Where to Study (Selection of University) and at What cost (availability of scholarship opportunities). Based on the discussion, we draw out a detailed Preparation Plan and timeline to complete the same.

entrance test training

The enrolled students are provided with personalised classroom training and online training option. Online training is prefered by students who have time or geographical constraints.


entrance tests

Students take a number of online tests during the training program. We ask them to take ten mock tests before their final test. Any training gaps can easily surface during the online tests and students are retrained. 


application to universities

We guide the students and parents in selecting a right university in the light of career aspiration, student's background, test scores and availability of scholarships. We assure a successful global career to the students 



pre departure process

We ensure that students entry in a foreign university is well planned and hasslefree. Our guidance includes introduction with our students in the same university, organising accomodation and helping the student  cope up with the new environment


Contact us today and we will fix up your appointment with an experienced career advisor.
It may be a life changing moment for you as it was to thousands of our students. 



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