We Build Careers

We are Asia’s leading overseas education consultants with more than 24 offices in UAE, Oman, Qatar, India, South Africa and US, still counting. The appreciation of our parents, students and recognition from the reputed educational bodies motivates us to go global and serve the student community. Over the past 20 years FACT has been the lighthouse that has guided students to navigate through the maze of available career options, guiding each and every kid individually as they have embarked on their unique journeys.

  • The first choice of students and parents throughout the world for guidance in their university education plans. 
  • The first choice of globally reputed universities as a source for finding talented students..

  • To help great universities and talented students find each other by empowering and guiding their search efforts. 
  • We achieve this by setting up a global chain of offices and 
  • By establishing professional relationships establishing emotional relationships with students and parents.

  • Students and parents are the center of our universe. 
  • If it doesn’t help the students, WE WON’T DO IT. 
  • Respect people, value diversity and commit to equality. 
  • Keep it simple, keep it transparent.

  • Nothing happens on its own. So let’s do it with effort. 
  • If we decide to do it, we can achieve anything. 
  • If we are doing a task manually for which technology is accessible, we are wasting our time and waste of time is a waste of life, one unit at a time..

Last modified: Wednesday, 27 May 2020, 12:30 AM